TBS TRADING GMBH is an import / export company which has the objective of enhancing trade between Namibia and Germany.


Our offering:

TBS Trading GmbH offers Import and Export services between Namibia and Germany.

The trading acivities of namibian products in Germany are handled in close co-operation with Namshop GmbH (www.namshop.de).

TBS Trading GmbH can be contacted at:

Office address:
Rodenkirchener str. 106
50997 Köln

Company registered address:
Loccumer str 55
30519 Hannover
Tel: 02233 7135145
email: info@tbs-trading-namibia.com


About us

Hans-Werner Timke

TBS Trading is a trading business that has its head office in Cologne, Germany but has a Namibian representation and strong Namibian roots.The core objective of TBS TRADING is to ENHANCE TRADE between NAMIBIA and GERMANY.

Our services are geared to open up the German market for Namibian products. For German customers appropriate sales channels in Namibia are developed. Core competencies of TBS Trading are „door to door“ logistics solutions and in country trading services.

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Hans-Werner Timke - TBS Trading